Vulcan Bolt

Vulcan Bolt


The patented Vulcan Bolt is an integrated primary and secondary support system for the absorption of energy in squeezing and dynamic ground conditions.

The Vulcan Bolt offers immediate and full load capacity on installation with a high yield and energy absorption capacity.

The unique design creates an active support system with a full column frictional bond without the use of resin or grout and also gives excellent resistance to shear. This system provides a consistent load performance over a range of hole sizes and has the ability to accommodate an irregular rock face.

The Vulcan Bolt delivers an improved efficiency to the current support cycle and is conventionally installed with mechanised equipment. A positive clamping force is introduced into the rock mass which can be visually audited with the inclusion of a load indicator. The Vulcan Bolt can accommodate a secondary push on or screw on mesh washer.


Vulcan V Vulcan M
Bar diameter (mm) Ø20
Available lengths (m) 1.8 – 3.0
Typical static load capacity (kN) 216 229
Typical energy absorption (kJ)* 35 53
Typical elongation (mm)* 150 230
Hole range (mm) Vulcan Ø39 Ø35 – Ø38
Vulcan Ø46 Ø42 – Ø45
*for 2.4 m Vulcan Bolt
Vulcan Bolt
Vulcan Bolt end
Vulcan Bolt with faceplate