MP1 Bolt

MP1 Bolt


The MP1 Bolting system is a mechanised end-anchored yielding bolt that is grouted post-installation. The end anchor provides immediate support upon installation and two pairs of double paddles act as additional anchors once the bolt is grouted. The end anchor is shielded by a grouting sleeve which is activated on the collapse of the grout sleeve spacer.

The MP1 can be supplied with 18 mm or 20 mm bar depending on requirements. The unit is provided with a collapsible load indicator to confirm correct tensioning of the unit when installed.

The end of the bolt protruding from the hole has a threaded section over which a washer is secured by a nut, which is also used for pre-tensioning of the unit. A specially designed sleeve ensures easy mechanised or manual grouting of the installed MP1 with minimal spillage of grout during pumping.

Benefits of the bolt

  • High yield ability
  • High energy absorption
  • Immediate support
  • Pre-tensionable with load indicator
  • Easy grouting with no spillage
  • Can include an alternative face plate with attachment points for meshing and lacing directly onto the bolt


MP1 Bolt
MP1 Bolt Detail
MP1 Bolt Detail