Helix Bolt & HelixBolt Plus



The HelixBolt and HelixBolt Plus are resin anchored bolts with improved resin mixing and support capacity for resin bolting applications.

The Helix style bolts have a unique head configuration designed for improved shredding of resin capsules, better centralising of the installed bolt and improved end anchoring. The augered paddle configuration improves resin mixing, reduces gloving, and minimises voids in the resin to maximise the anchoring strength of the bolt and enhance corrosion protection. The improved performance significantly increases the resin annulus with which the HelixBolt can be confidently installed.

The patented design dramatically increases the range of resin annulus into which HelixBolts can be installed offering the ability to optimise the design of resin bolting systems.

The HelixBolt and HelixBolt Plus can be supplied in 16mm, 18mm or 20mm bar depending on requirements.

Each unit can be provided with a collapsible load indicator to confirm correct tensioning of the unit when installed, and to assist in post auditing of the installation.

The proximal end of the bolt is threaded with a washer, spherical seat and nut. The nut can be used for pre-tensioning of the unit.

The HelixBolt and HelixBolt Plus are supplied with a shear pin to facilitate spinning prior to pre-loading. The pin can shear at a predefined torque to allow the HelixBolt and HelixBolt Plus to be preloaded.

Benefits of the bolts

  • Increased range for resin annulus
  • Improved mixing of resin
  • Reduced likelihood of gloving
  • Reduction in resin voids
  • Improved centralisation of the bolt
  • Higher support capacity



Bolt Diameter (mm) Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Peak Load (kN) 130 165 210
Hole Size Range (mm) Ø32– Ø38*
Steel Type 500MPa ribbed mining bar
Application Stiff resin bolt

HelixBolt Plus

Bolt Diameter (mm) Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Peak Load (kN) 155 215 265
Hole Size Range (mm) Ø32– Ø38*
Steel Type 600MPa ribbed mining bar
Application High tensile capacity stiff resin bolt
*Smaller hole diameter option available on request
Tri-lobe forged end

Tri-lobe forged end

Spherical seat and nut with shear pin

Spherical seat and nut with shear pin