Pigtail Eyebolt

Pigtail EyeBolt


The NCM Pigtail Eyebolt is an end-anchored eyebolt that is full column grouted post-installation providing reliable anchoring for the suspension of services such as air, water, ventilation piping, electricity and communications in underground mining operations.

A specially designed seal ensures easy grouting of the installed Pigtail Eyebolt with minimal spillage of grout during pumping. In applications where corrosion is a concern the Pigtail Eyebolts can be Zinc Diffused to increase the corrosive life of the bolt.

Benefits of the NCM Pigtail Eyebolt

  • Easy installation
  • Reliable anchoring
  • Easy grouting
  • Quality manufacture


Pigtail Eyebolt

The Pigtail Eyebolt can be provided in several configurations as per the table below:

Dimensional Specifications Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Cross-sectional area 201.1mm2 254.5mm22 314.2mm2
Mass per metre 1.63kg/m 2.06kg/m 2.54kg/m
Bar diameter Ø16.3mm, DIN 405 RD 18 Ø18.3mm, DIN 405 RD 20 Ø20.3mm, DIN 405 RD 22
Length of bolt 1.0m to 3.0m 1.0m to 3.0m 1.0m to 3.0m
Steel Specifications Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Yield strength typical 500MPa 500MPa 500MPa
UTS typical 710MPa 710MPa 710MPa
Yield load typical 100.5kN 127kN 157kN
Ultimate tensile load typical 143kN 181kN 224kN
Pigtail Eyebolt End