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Anti-Spin Cable®

Anti-Spin Cable®

Product description

The Anti-Spin Cable is an anchor utilizing a self-activating expansion shell to allow instant pre-tensioning immediately upon installation prior to grouting.

The Anti-Spin Cable is installed using a semi-mechanized process to insert and then tension the cable to 25 to 35 kN. A unique anti-spin mechanism allows tensioning to be achieved without torque and energy being applied into the cable, which would otherwise reduce applied pre-load. A load indicator in the grout seat confirms that the correct pre-load had been achieved at installation. The integrated grouting mechanism ensures the Anti-spin cable is fully encapsulated to maximize load transfer and corrosion protection.

Technical data

Cable diameter (mm) Ø18
Hole range (mm) Ø49 – Ø53
Mechanical pre-load (kN) 25 – 35
Typical tensile load (kN) Un-grounted 270
Grounted 375
Anti-Spin Cable